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Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment in Sacramento, CA

When you or a loved one are suffering through a mental or emotional crisis, turn to the staff at Sierra Vista Hospital to receive the care and treatment you need. We offer complete inpatient psychiatric treatment in Sacramento, CA, to help you manage mental and emotional disorders as well as assist with addiction-related issues.

By staying at our facility, you will receive around-the-clock care while you process and work through your state of crisis. We provide these services on a short term basis to help our patients’ transition as quickly as possible to less intensive levels of care.

Three Unique Programs

Our inpatient programs are typically divided into one of three categories to help target your treatment to cover your specific issues. These categories are:

Behavioral Health Care – Our behavioral health program is designed to stabilize our patients’ behavioral and psychiatric disorders. This is accomplished through therapy, nursing care, and medication, when appropriate.

Alcohol Detox – When suffering from addiction, it is necessary to undergo detox before other therapies. This process is monitored by medical staff to help overcome the symptoms of withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment – This program is designed to treat co-occurring addiction and behavioral health issues. We will help you overcome your addiction while also providing psychiatric or depression treatment for behavioral problems.

No matter which style of treatment you seek, our staff will always ensure that you are comfortable and secure while you stay at our facilities. To learn more about our inpatient treatment options or to seek information about a referral, reach out to our office.

Contact us when you need assistance for an acute psychiatric issue. We proudly help patients in Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas.