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Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Adult inpatient treatment at Sierra Vista Hospital includes behavioral health, alcohol detox and dual diagnosis programs for adults whose acute state of crisis requires 24-hour care. They are intended to be short term so patients can be quickly discharged or transitioned to a less intensive level of care.

A physician’s order is required for admission to an inpatient program. Adults who are not in immediate crisis can be treated safely on an outpatient basis.

Components of Inpatient Treatment

  • Intensive physician involvement
  • Multidisciplinary treatment overseen by a physician
  • Use of medication and psychotherapy as appropriate
  • Daily therapy groups and classes

Behavioral Health

The adult inpatient behavioral health program is designed to stabilize adult patients’ most acute symptoms through 24-hour nursing, daily interventions and oversight by a psychiatrist. We treat various disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia and stress-related disorders.

Alcohol Detox

Anyone suffering an alcohol addiction must undergo detox before they may benefit from therapeutic programming. Detox is medically supervised to avoid the potential medical risks of alcohol withdrawal, and some individuals’ detox may require a stay in a medical hospital.

Detox is not offered for any other kind of chemical dependency.

Dual Diagnosis

Our inpatient dual diagnosis program is structured to address co-occurring chemical dependency and behavioral health disorders. We aim to alleviate the immediate behavioral crisis that brings the patient to inpatient care while also treating their abuse of alcohol or another substance.

This program works closely with the chemical dependency intensive outpatient program to promote continued care and recovery.

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